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    Panther XL Store offline:

    I have taken the store offline due to parts supply issues.  If you have a controller that needs upgrades or repairs drop me a line (use the contact form on sidebar) and I can still help you out.

    If you have a ver3 or ver4 controller you are no longer using, drop me a line also as I would like to buy it back from you.  


    Panther XL Store Offline...

    I have taken the store off line for a while for a few reasons:

    1) Running short on USB boards and it is time to have more manufactured at great cost

    2) Short supply of decent donor Panther XL's to mod into USB, they all seem to have loose gimbles and the plastic is getting brittle on many.

    3) Logitech G400 mouse discontinued and replacement the G400S works fine but costs $60 or twice as much as the G400 did !  With the current price of the G400S I would have to sell the Panther XL ver4 for $260 and that is a tough sell !

    So in the mean time I am getting what I need together for another run of USB boards.  I am working with a prototyping company ro have new parts manufactured and I'm hopeful the price of the G400S comes down.  So I'm not taking the summer off, I'm moving forward with the 

    If you would like to purchase a USB Panther XL ver4 please drop me a line using the sidebar and I will let you know whwn I can complete your order !

    As always...just as there has been for 15 years....more to come !



    Xbox 360 Play videos

    So I have beening playing a bit of Xbox 360 and Black Ops2 with the Panther XL ver4 of late and managed to get some videos to work.  First video is one of the first I filmed and I use a zoom on a 50cal machine gun to good results !  I also earn the dragonfire quadcopter scorestreak and fly it well with the Panther XL !

    On the second video I again use a machine gun but with the target finder attachment for all the dark areas of this map.  Also note the diamond camo of the gun that can only be unlocked by leveling up all the guns in a class to gold camo.  Took a long time (like over 100 hours of play) to unlock this camo !

    You can find me playing Black Ops as SteveoA3D...



    Xbox Gaming with the Panther XL USB v4

    I have finally jumped in and purchased a XIM unit for using the Panther XL on the Xbox 360.  I had a XIM2 a few years back and while it worked it did not work well enough.  

    XIM Edge
    This time I started with the new XIM Edge, the newest of the XIM products but I was unable to make it recognize the Panther XL.  One user has been able to get his XIM Edge reconize the Panther XL USB ver4 but it takes him many many tries of plugging and unplugging the controller to fianlly get the unit to work.  I will keep my XIM Edge and test it as new firmware becomes avalible.

    XIM 3 (no longer made, purchase here)  
    The XIM3 has a built in LCD Screen a bit smaller than the screen of a smart phone, the unit uses a 100mhz ARM CPU much like a cell phone or ipad !  The LCD screen shows the user in real time what Keyboard or Mouse inputs are being turned into controller outputs as well as setup screens and button binding adjustments.  The screen is more of a gimmick than useful, it looks really cool but the user still will need a Windows computer to setup the XIM3 with the configs needed.  All and all the XIM Edge is far easier to setup and it has NO LCD.

    Where the XIM3 excels is it supports the Panther XL USB ver3 or ver4 in keystick mode !  All versions of the ver4 are supported and all ver3's made after May 2011 are also supported.  Earlier versions of the ver3 are supported after a simple firmware update that the home user can perform.

    I have shot a short video of my home XIM3/Panther XL USB ver4 setup.


    Yes the video is dorky but it gives you the idea of what is needed to play games on Xbox360 !


    Panther XL Store is Open !

    I have filled all teh backlog of orders and have Complete USB ver4's ready to ship !  Chek out the Panther XL USB Store and you will see under Option 2 that I have units ready to ship right now !

    If the units sell out I will make a note on the store page, drop me a line and I will have next availible unit ready to ship to you !